I paint with sound, I paint with music, always serving the story so our audience basks in your glory

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“The Mechanic” Trailer

A film by Jorge Suarez.

Additional Music, Sound Design and Mix.

“Oildale” film trailer

A feature film by Lynn Salt and David Muller.  

Score, Music Production, Sound Design, Music Supervision, Production Sound, Audio Post Production, Co-Producer.

2019 Webby Winner

50 million views and growing.  

Sound design,  Auido Post Production.

2019 Artistic Vision Winner.

“Fire on the Hill” a feature documentary by Brett Falintine wins at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

Production Sound.

Bobby Kennedy for President

Production Sound.


“Divas of Karachi” , a mini series by Senain Kheshgi for Indipendent Lens.   

Sound Design, Audio Post Production, Music Contribution.


“Scouting Myself”.  A mini-series for the Players Tribune.  Production Sound, Sound Design, Audio Post.

Live Music Recording

“Go Your Own Way” by Lessie.  Directed by Z.S Grant for Sony Music. Recorded live in a farm house.

Starring Adam West

A film by James Tooley.  Production Sound, Audio Post.

Techung & the Wind Horse

Producer, Co-writer, mixer,  performer.


Music, Sound Design, Mix.

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